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bewaeltigung wrote in rubycity_logs
Who: Germany and Liechtenstein
What: Germany is trying to find the runaway girl
When: After Germany returns from his search with 202
Where: All around the city
Warnings: PG-13 for his swearing
Status: In Progress

"Verdammt." Germany sighed as he entered Switzerland's house, a shrug of defeat evident in his shoulders. The catacombs were a joke, truly. How did the caverns suddenly seal themselves up? It was impossible. He knew they had been open before. Still, he and 202 had been forced to call the search mission off. She remained posted at an entrance to the catacombs while he returned to check on his ward.
"Lili?" there was a silence in the house. Where was she, was she asleep? Maybe he shouldn't bother her then. But something didn't feel right. He decided he'd rather know for sure than be guilty of negligence based on an assumption. So slowly he surveyed the house for the girl.

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"Have to find him..." She muttered, to herself over and over again trying to make sure she doesn't lose sight of her goal. Italy said she had to be brave, and this is what she should do right? It's better then getting everyone else hurt in her place.

"Sorry, 202, Germany..." she said just a bit louder, hoping that they won't be to mad at her once this all ends.

He searched the house, calling her name. Everywhere she could be revealed nothing. He even ventured to open her bedroom door to see if she was napping, after he couldn't find her any place else. And somewhere in his gut he expected the answer. She was gone. It took a few seconds for it all to sink in. She was so quick to try and leave his supervision while he stayed here. And he had assumed that as natural since he wasn't her brother, but a near stranger. She was also in shock and worried. He let her have her time alone...

But now it made sense. She had lied to him. That day when he came to her, she asked to go to the Catacombs. He thought she was respecting his decision not to take her there...

"Verdammt, Liechtenstein." he grunted and hurried out the door, breaking into a run towards the catacombs.

Lili took a deep breath in, then nodded after making sure nothing was there since this place could have one of those odd creatures she has heard about. "Vaaaash? Brooother? Are you heeere?" she yelled, rubbing a bit at her throat. So she tried again, hoping for anything, even just a clue that he might be here. She reached out to touch the walls, only to take her hand away almost immediately.

The walls shifted, forming another path, which way to go? "Vash..." and she followed her instincts, taking the way that seemed like the right one.

"Are you theere?" She continued to call out, grasping at her gun in a small act of fear. It was so quiet, no one was there for only a second she thought of getting out then she shook her head. She had to find him.

"Germany.... I hope you don't worry about me" she let out a sigh.

Well that would be an egregious error on her part. Ludwig was stoic but he worried about people in his own way. And right now he expressed his worry for Lili by running as fast as his exhausted legs could carry him back to the catacombs. He swore under his breath. He was furious both at her and himself. Why would she lie to his face like that? Why did he buy it so easily!?

He just hoped the catacombs were still closed off for Lili and that he might find her making her way back to the house. How long had she been gone? If she snuck out right after she left... who knows where she could be now.

He grabbed his communicator, getting an audio feed up. It went to everyone in the city, he didn't have the patience then to personalize it just to her.

"Lili, verdammt, vhere are you?? Get back to ze house right now!"

She swallowed, getting lost in thought, or lack thereof while staring into the pitch black way in front of her. She looked back, that opening was gone, "t-the walls..." she bit her lip, slowly reaching out her hands to her sides just to make sure there wasn't any other opening that she just couldn't see. She walked very carefully, and the mute silence was slowly making a bit more scared by the minute.

"B-brother..." she said for one more time, voice shaking just a bit. She heard something move, it didn't sound like her brother... it sounded huge. A bit to huge to say it was human.

"What's... there?" she asked, holding her gun up, but keeping her other hand on the wall then her communicator started up, she took it out and stared. She hoped the sound didn't attract the attention of that thing...

He unfortunately had no idea she was inside the catacombs, or in danger. Still, his feet pounded the earth beneath him as he ran. The city was moving so slowly, he was barely away from the house it felt like. His mind was moving so fast. Where could Lili be, what about her condition, was she hurt, afraid, cornered? What if she managed to find a way into the catacombs? What if she was already lost?

Why was he moving so slow?. He couldn't make his body run any faster and he felt like he was walking. He spoke into the communicator again.

"Lili! Answer me! Vhere are you!?"

An answering audio feed came in response to Ludwig's demand, 202's voice sounding concerned, but still calm.

"She's gone?"

...Because nothing in life can be easy, can it?

"Ja, did you see her anyvhere near ze catacoms!?" his voice was heavy and broken as he panted.

"...The...The catacombs?!" Her eyes widened at those words, instantly alert and even more concerned now. "No, I've been maintaining my post at the cathedral entrance... I'll make a circuit to the other entrances I know, the river mouth is closest. Where are you?" She trusted Ludwig to know what she was angling for--a division of their skills once more, this time with a different nation as their target.

He was mistaken then. He was so sure she had been close. Damn.

"I am coming from Vash's house, from ze train station side. I am halfvay zere now." He trusted 202 as well. He knew that at least for the moment they had the same goals and that was a blessing. As with Italy and Japan, he was grateful to have a friend. Especially a capable one.

"Understood. In that case, you take the river, and I'll check the subterranean entrance. I'll keep my communicator at the ready in case you find her. Be safe."

And without any unnecessary additions, she simply clicked her watch shut as she broke into a flat-out run. If Lili really had made her way towards those damned caves... There'd be no catching her, not without a lot of luck.

She'll type on the communicator, since she'd rather not let that thing know she's there. People that stay in the dark for to long would usually end up focusing more on sound, and there eyes would end up not being used that much, so she tried to type something out. Accidentally hitting the wall next to her, it didn't react, for now anyway.

"I'm in the- " Oh snap, she'll try to walk past it. Although that could end up horribly...

He growled a bit, frustrated that she was indeed in some sort of trouble.

"Lili, just hold steel." He knew the end of her sentence was 'catacombs' he just knew it. There weren't enough swears in the whole German spectrum for him at that moment.

Not wanting anymore noises, she turned the communicator off with a little whimper, which may or may not have been heard by Germany. The odd looking creature, that was this uncanny being that looked like both a dog and something she couldn't tell, raised up, growling at her direction.

"E-eh?" But she didn't make a sound, right? Just there, the walls shifted and she managed to run ahead of it not wanting to shoot at it. No violence is something she would use last.

He groaned when she cut off, vowing to try to break the wall of the catacombs down if need be to get her out. He could not run any faster, Lili just needed to wait.

She looked back at it, it was following her. It really did look like some kind of dog, some kind of acidic Saliva or something dripping from it's mouth. She accidentally dropped her communicator, and turning back to get it now really didn't seem like the best of ideas... Not with that thing behind her. Her breathing was faster by each step, and her legs started to feel rather numb after a while.

Turn right, lose him here! ... Still behind me. Maybe she could distract him with something?

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