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Eat, drink and be merry!
neutralbyforce wrote in rubycity_logs
Who: Switzerland and gasp OPEN
What: A house warming party. Vash is actually inviting people into his new, clean home. Guess what’s going to bother him the most in the morning?
When: This evening
Where: Vash’s new home, easily found from the train station by following the strong smell of gun powder and sheer Swiss awesomeness.
Warnings: PG-13 to be safe, in case of inevitable drunk hijinks.
Status: In Progress

Vash took a deep breath. His home smelled strongly of good food and the warmth provided therein. With the days slowly growing shorter and the temperature edging towards the lower end of things, there was just enough bite in the air to make the heat indoors refreshing but not so much that standing outside was unpleasant. In essence, the perfect weather for a party.

After another breath, he opened the door to begin welcoming in his guests.

((OOC: Well! Here you have it! The party that could only ever happen here in Ruby City. Your characters are invited to mingle/settle wherever they wish and, like a real party, threadjacking is not only allowed but encouraged. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy, as long as you don’t track mud on the carpet. Just tag with your character to whatever area you want them in initially and then let the good times roll.

Vash will be running around playing host and can be found in any of the rooms or by simply yelling for him. He’ll do his best to personally greet each newcomer and introduce himself to anyone who hasn’t met him/walked in off the street/is here for the free food, but he may not catch everyone at the front door. Don’t be afraid of just marching straight in and heading for the noms. No one blames you.

So! Have fun and know that both Vash and his mun are touched by how much interest was shown in this mini-event! Seriously, we love you guys.))

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"I see you like it here?" Awkward smile is forever awkward, can't he stay away for the wine for just a second? Oh, well. It was France, who could do anything about it. It was better this way, anyway, gave her a sense of calmness, maybe due to the fact she knows this.

"As I very well should. I deed help design ze interior as best I could." He smiles - oh, you were still just a doll. So cute~ He could eat you up~

"How have you been lately, cherie?"

She nodded, smiling bright at him now. She appreciated the help, she really did. "Thank you, it looks lovely, really!" She tried to hide a giggle, so she walked over and sat next to him.

"Fine, just a bit tired," she added.

"Well, zank you~ And eet's good to hear zat ze city hasn't been treating you too badly."

Badly? She wouldn't consider anything here that bad, not with her brother around anyway. "You're very welcome," she nodded, sighing in relief. She has grown rather used to this place, to be honest.

"If you need anything tell me, alright?"

"Of course~ And I extend ze same courtesy to you, mademoiselle~"

"Eh? But your the guest, and you've done enough for me!" The amount of confusion he brings her is a lot.

He chuckles.

"I meant een general, cherie."

"Ah... If that's it, then thank you," she'll give him a very wide smile, with a rather obvious blush. Getting this much attention was unusual for her but she appreciated it.

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