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;& Blood River
rubycitymods wrote in rubycity_logs
Who: Anyone and everyone + various NPCS. Please tag your characters in when you comment!
What: The illusion of the storybook town is crumbling to pieces! And violence is erupting.
When: Wednesday Afternoon -- Night (log is pre-dated)
Where: All about the City
Warnings: PG-13/R if there is violence.
Status: [In Progress]

The fairytale town has slowly begun to warp and fade, flickering unsteadily like a candle burned too long and too hot. Characters may notice minor bits and pieces that seem strange -- an answer from one of the townspeople that seems to be to another conversation entirely. Maybe the trees are too vivid a shade of green and then faded, washed out, like they were done in watercolor. Buildings show shadowed signs of falling into disrepair, the damage there and then gone in the blink of an eye.

And people have gone missing. No, not the plethora of townsfolk who act like they belong in this storybook setting. Instead it's the more familiar faces in Ruby City -- the curious and inquisitive ones, who ask too many questions. At first it may just seem as though they're off and up to something, missing for short periods, feeling unrested after long nights of supposed sleep. But quickly those seem to grow. And then they're gone entirely. Of course, they might turn up again -- though strangely enough without any memory of being gone. That's undoubtedly not the only memory missing either.

Bit by bit as the illusory reality begins to crumble, things turn hostile. The projections in the dream within the dream will run you over with trains! The townspeople, looking ever less human, turn and attack with no provocation. The forest creatures, also twisting unnaturally, are even more ferocious.

Things are not looking good. Of course, the castle itself is still pristine, glowing even. And within is the Princess, holding this all together as best she can -- and losing her grip. Like a cornered animal, she's likely to attack when confronted.

Are you ready for confrontation?

((OOC: Please post under the correct location heading. :) Feel free to dance the villagers/palace guards/forest animal NPCs about in confrontations with your characters. As for the main NPCs, they will mostly stand back and use the townsfolk type NPCs as their weapons and minions. At the end of the final encounter, when all her protectors are destroyed, Chassie will lose her grip on the illusion and collapse. She'll be spirited off by Chari. The city will then go back to looking like it always has, no more fairytale times!))

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Things are going wrong, and it's becoming obvious. Anyone looking around will surely notice it. Maybe if information is shared, something new can be learned!

     "Some things are too good to be true." He murmured these words as he stepped quickly along the streets, pulling his cloak about him. At the very least it remained quite real despite having been purchased at vendors that no longer seemed to exist.

     Something was going on, though. A something he was somewhat sorry for realizing, but knew better than to wish he hadn't.

     His suspicions had grown all the more with his second visit to the castle. Once he and Lottie had made it within, the state of disrepair in which he found its interior to be had been quite a shock. It wasn't at all like what he'd remembered, even if his first tour had been short. And where was the supposed royal family...?

     "Questions and more questions. I suppose the answers will be coming soon enough," he said as he glanced towards the castle, almost sadly.

As things begin to crumble, the various townsfolk and other people who appeared when the city changed have become violent and will attack without provocation. Additionaly, the fauna in the surrounding area is also headed into the city and is likewise unstable and violence.

[The city has a feeling to it today--Naoki can practically smell it in that air, that ominous air pressing down on him. It makes the hairs at the back of his neck stand up, his fingers tense and curve, hands balling into white-knuckled fists. He spends much of the day at home, cautious and protective.

... When evening rolls in and he sees what looks like a wolf, of all things, meandering into the city, he pauses. Stares harder out of the living room window, then ventures to the door. A last glance over one shoulder to the interior of the house before he decisively closes the door behind him and ventures out.

He doesn't get a block from the house before there's a crackle of energy, a pillar of flame, and what was once a wolf is a smoking husk on the ground, jaws twisted and gaping open in the wake of its lunge at Naoki.

He sets his jaw, expression flattening.]
... [So it was all too good to be true.]

Gonna have a pokemon battle. ARE YOU READY!

Red was getting used to being in this City. He had decided to go walk around the city. It seemed peaceful enough and it was almost like a quaint little town; in a sense it reminded him of Cerulean City, maybe even Pallet town. Pikachu sat quaintly atop Red's head. The pokemon was resting it's ears twitched as it sensed something. It woke form it's restful state and uttered a low growl, "Chuuuu...." it's cheeks sparked as it sensed the danger to come.

It immediately hopped down. Red arched a brow as he watched the pokemon. The trainer was not an idiot and immediately noticed a trio of rats approaching him. He was not concerned however. Pikachu narrowed its eyes and continued to spark. It wasn't until a rat leaped and jumped to attack the pokemon. It was not successful as it quickly was shocked backwards by a bolt of electricity. The rat fell to the ground twitching, possibly dead. The other two now walked forward, red eyes burned as the rabid animals screeched in anger. Their screeching summoned a larger creature. Soon a large rabid, monstrous dog appeared.

Red now...felt like he was in danger. He pulls out his pokedex immediately and as he had expected there was no pokemon data to be found. Pikachu bared it's fangs and continued to spark as the new challenger appeared.

"Pika!" it cried out as it rushed at the dog latching it's fangs into the animal's ear. The action caused the dog to howl in pain and desperately try to get the pokemon off of him.

Finally, an excuse to use violence!

[Too restless to sleep, Vash finds himself wandering the streets of the city. All day his muscles have been tensed, as if his body is trying to prepare him for an imminent battle. The air is tense and foreboding, a sure sign of dark happenings to come. When he tries to look at a specific spot, like a building or fountain, it seems to waver as if in a heat wave. The whole thing is putting him on edge.

He finds himself at the river's edge, the once clear water now filled with tendrils of red. Stooping to examine it closer, his reflexes kick in milliseconds before the attack, propelling him backwards as a large amphibious creature rears out of the water, its long fangs inches from his neck. Within seconds it lays dead, blood oozing from the bullet wound in its skull.]

Damn! That thing wasn't normal...

[Vash is on his feet, running back toward the center of the city as fast as he can. There are others who won't be so prepared...]

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[Goro had gone out to see what had been happening, leaving Toge locked in the apartment just to be safe. Walking, she came to a halt near the town square and looked at what was apparently waiting: A stag, who bean to stomp and scratch at the ground the minute it saw her.]

"...Why is that-?"

[The stag rushed her, Goro just barely diving out of the way, scraping her knees as she landed roughly. Standing and turning to look at the animal as it prepared to charge a second time, Goro exhaled and braced herself.

The animal, eyes blazing in anger, rushed, preparing to hit her with all of its force. Goro watched, and once it was close enough-]


[Her voice rang out as she brought up her hands, a shield made of light exploding from her palms. Absorbing most of the impact, the animal was pitched aside, Goro staggering backwards and landing roughly onto the ground as the shield faded. After a long moment she exhaled and stood, looking for the animal but not seeing it.]

"...What on earth?"

[It was in the middle of one of her walks that the city seemed to...shift. Something disturbed, something to fear, but Elraine wasn't sure what. For a moment, she blamed it on her own eye-sight as colors ran like fluid across her vision. Everything melted for a moment, growing ugly and dark but familiar...]

Oomf!! ...M-my apologies!

[In her state of reverie, she had knocked into a imp who stumbled forward a bit before turning around to face her. Elraine stumbled back too only because of the blank, vacant expression on its face.]

Um...Hello? Are you-- AHHH!

[Before she knew it, the imp was snarling and jumped at her, making her back-step back until she collided with a building. It was so sudden that Elle was frozen on the spot until she finally began to push the imp away with as much strength as she could from her sickened state. However, the sound of ripping material and her watch hitting the ground made her jerked back reflexively, pain shooting through her body. Troy seizures?! No-!
To her horror, the imp stopped its clawing only to swipe the watch from the ground and take off, laughing maniacally as it turned a corner.]

N-NO! Please, come back!!

[And then the coughing set in, relentless as ever as she doubled-over and pressed a hand to her mouth. Already her skin was becoming transparent with cold seeping into her blood and deep into her bones. No, this couldn't be happening! Someone! Please, anyone-!]

Kakuzu's up for some violence.

He doesn't know what the Hell this crazy city is coming up with now, but he knew that nothing like that reprieve was good enough to last. He'd not trusted anything as far as he could throw it his entire life, and this had been no different.

He realized now, his mistake had been being located close to the woods when things began acting up.

The room, the city... everything felt uneasy. Iceland had wanted to get out to see what it was. He'd had enough of being holed up, of thinking over the situation to himself, of panicking. He needed to see what he could find. He was a Nation now, an independent Nation. He needed to make himself useful...

After Norway had left, Ice slipped out, looking around, a chill running up his spine. The streets seemed relatively empty... weren't there people before? He saw a few, but they seemed to just... wander, dazed and lost. He got a bit too close to one, and tried his best to just brush by, bumping them only lightly. "Ah... excuse me... I'm sorry..."

Npc combatant for morrigan pls? She's ready to crack some skulls

[Morrigan's busy flying above the city, observing things from a safe distance. She's on the alert, though, her eyes narrowed.] "It's almost like Makai.."

     "Why is it that things always turn out this way?!"

     A very exasperated Star Bearer ran through the streets, gawking at the changes that had rampantly begun to take the city. As though navigating the place when it was in tact wasn't hard enough!

     "Whoa, excuse me!" Sieg yelped, narrowly avoiding collision with one of the citizens. "Wow, what's up with these guys...?"

--Final Confrontation--

For those who have fought their way to the Castle stronghold, they will encounter the Princess and a very dedicated squadron of bodyguards. It will be an intense and undoubtedly dangerous encounter.

[Gamzee is running on auto-pilot.

It's not the good sort of auto-pilot, either - the one that takes over and leaves you flying straight and true toward your destination with few worries until you have to land. This auto-pilot is broken, sending the plane into a spin and the inevitable crash and burn.

He's not sober, but he's sleep deprived. Going out for a walk earlier had proven to be a bad idea, as he'd done nothing but run across creatures out for his indigo blood, the color of which now ran down his arms. He now walks vacantly toward the castle without thinking, his footsteps steady but slow and his clubs hanging at his side.

The troll is ready to kill the next thing that he comes across, friend or enemy.]

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The Princess had better watch her back...

[Even with one arm out of commission and a slight(?) concussion, Switzerland is not to be messed with. Moving almost silently despite his heavy boots after 202, his survival instincts are kicked into high gear, taking in everything at a subconscious level. Whoever is in control of this place won't be easy to take down, if the crazed villagers outside are any indication.]

((Threadhop successful, moving on to Phase Two! ...Whatever that happens to be.))

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