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;& Blood River
rubycitymods wrote in rubycity_logs
Who: Everyone and Everyone! Please tag your characters in as you post them!
What: Celebrating! Whether it's Christmas or Solstice or Hannukah or Kwanzaa or Winter. Or maybe just celebrating to celebrate.
When: Dusk on December 24, 2011 until late in the night
Where: At the Cathedral -- the Redecorated and Refurnished Cathedral. Specific location subheader threads below. :)
Warnings: Watch out for falling hos. ho ho hos.
Status: [In Progress]

The cathedral has been transformed once more—the outside is bedecked with lights and garlands, shining and strung up along the sides of the pathway along the lampposts. Twinkling green and red, powered by some unseen force. Snow heaped on the ceiling and covering the lawns glimmers faintly in the light and it seems to give off a surprisingly welcoming atmosphere. Past the (slightly ajar to let music spill out) oaken double-doors and into the building, it has been transformed into something far more resplendent.

There is golden light cast over the polished wooden floors from the multiple chandeliers suspended high above from the ceiling. It reflects warmly everywhere, lighting up the velvet-padded chairs and tables neatly set up to one end of the hall, a long table holding a variety of refreshments nearby. It has more than just finger-sandwiches or snacks—there are a few whole turkeys that seem to somehow keep hot and steaming, boats of gravy, vegetables and further along the table, desserts! From pies to cakes to baskets of candy canes and similar goodies. There are large crystal bowls of punch or, if you’re craving for something else, there is eggnog and cider, hot chocolate or tea, pitchers of ice water and everything in between.

Wreaths are hung on the walls, long tendrils of ivy (and maybe even a sprig of mistletoe hanging here and there above doorways) strung up to connect each of them. These have been intricately laced through with scarlet and gold ribbons and it’s clear that whoever did this was intent on doing their very best.

Soft music fills the entirety of the hall from a source unknown, but it is almost inviting, beckoning people to dance.

If you follow the walls further in, walking along either side of the dance floor, there are neat wooden doors there. Wreaths are hung up on the outside; encircling a golden plaque that says ‘Please enter’. Inside one may not find any extension of the hall but…well. Something quite different, but familiar all the same…

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Austria found himself drawn towards the soft music; the lighting in the cathedral's main hall reminded him of the the grand balls of old. Despite the struggles of his marriage to Hungary, it was the dancing and the elegance of the waltz that he recalled most dearly.

Though he was the only one near the dance floor as it was, he lingered along the outside, eyes closed and content to simply let the music wash over him. Though, he would not be opposed to a dance should the right partner come along.

Lili was mostly walking across the dance floor aimlessly, humming along to the soft music. She smiled, watching Austria for only a moment before skipping over from behind him and tapping his shoulder. "Enjoying it?"

Austria turned when he felt the tap on his shoulder and smiled, nodding his head.

"The music is fine, though I am sad to see that there is not a live orchestra. I would go about fixing this, but I am not sure how many people there are in this city who can actually play, and of course, we do not have a practice space at the moment."

Straightening his cravat and clothing, he folded his hands behind his back, elegant as ever.

"How has your holiday been, Lili?"

"I think I still remember how to play the piano, slightly... Maybe you could teach me again, later?"

She missed that, in a way, that way of standing, so familiar.

"Pretty well so far, nothing unusual oddly enough" she muttered, this city is strange, she knows better then to ever let her guard down.

"Once I am able to obtain a piano and proper tuning supplies, I will offer piano and music lessons to all. Of course you are more than welcome to be one of those students." Austria smiled; he did that more often now than he had in the past. Being neutral had given him a more laid back view on the world, though some nations still irked him fiercely.

"At least your holiday is faring well; I find my displacement has otherwise destroyed my previous plans. I have not even been able to attend a Midnight Mass and likely will not."

At that moment, however, the beginnings of an elegant waltz; a seasonal favorite by Tchaikovsky, struck up, and he glanced over at Lili with a polite smile.

"Do you remember how to waltz?"

"A piano? I saw a piano somewhere, I'm sure! And I'm sure it looked like yours back home," which might be due to her being reminded of him at seeing it. Being neutral sure did have many good points for it.

"Well, you can still enjoy it here?" she looked slightly worried, hopefully he isn't to bothered by this.

"I do! Although I haven't in so long I'm afraid I might have forgotten slightly," she looked away, embarrassed.

"A piano in this place? I would very much like to see it, if you recall where is was. I've not played in a few days...and it troubles me." Austria spent a great deal of his day at the keys of his Bosendorfer at home, but here, he had no such thing.

He smiled, however, at her talk about the waltz.

"...Would you like to try to recall it? I would very much like to dance. It has been a while since I have as well."

"I thought you would say that, I can try cleaning it and giving it to you... Since I didn't give you a present, I'm sorry," she gave him a small smile, stepping a bit closer.

"Hm! It would be my pleasure".

"That won't be necessary. Perhaps the piano you saw already has an owner. I would not dream to steal away the gift of music for myself."

When she accepted his invitation to dance, Austria smiled and bowed in a gentlemanly fashion, extending his hand.

"I am sure within moments you will recall just how it is done. To waltz is something hard to learn, but hard to forget."

"Oh, no, I'm sure it didn't belong to anyone, not when I found it. It was completed dusty," she gave him a confident smile, of course he would think that.

"I'll try to live up to your expectations, in that case" she muttered, blushing a bit then reached out to hold his hand and gave him a just as classy curtsy.

"...I will look into it., if that is the case. I have missed playing more than you could possibly know."

Taking Lili's hand, he confidently stepped out onto the dance floor, suddenly looking far more at home as he put his hand at her waist and smiled. "Just follow my lead; I am sure you will do just fine," he murmured lightly, and stepped off to the triple beat of the waltz that played.

"I'll be sure to surprise you, somehow... Although I ruined it by telling you, oh well," she sighed, smiling lightly.

She tried to follow, copying his steps with concentration. "I'll try," she looked up, wondering if she was doing well enough. Wouldn't want to make Austria upset.

Austria chuckled quietly, shaking his head. Though Lili's steps were a bit rigid as she tried to recall how to dance this difficult dance, she was not doing too terribly poorly. The few times she trod on his toes, it was light enough to not really matter, and he was skilled enough to catch her slight mistakes and help her along.

"You are doing fine. I've not danced in some time."

She tried to mimic his steps, staring down in deep contintraction at their feet. Soon enough, once she was happy with her dancing she looked back up, a look of accomplishment on her face. It's been far long to her, but it came back easily. How happy she was could be silly, but she learned to be glad with every chance of happiness in this place that she gets.

"Ah... I never asked, what time are you from?" in some time? Then that must be after the Austro-Hungarian empire fell, right? She won't bring that up though, she knew it could bring him down.

Ah, he knew she would recall her dancing skills with a bit of effort.

The smile on Austria's face was surprisingly warm, but it was this dance that brought happiness to his heart. He enjoyed ballroom dancing; it was one of his dearest pastimes, but in recent years, he has attended the grand balls to open the opera season and merely observed.

"Ah. When I arrived here, my calender said 2011," he said quietly.

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