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;& Blood River
rubycitymods wrote in rubycity_logs
Who: Everyone and Everyone! Please tag your characters in as you post them!
What: Celebrating! Whether it's Christmas or Solstice or Hannukah or Kwanzaa or Winter. Or maybe just celebrating to celebrate.
When: Dusk on December 24, 2011 until late in the night
Where: At the Cathedral -- the Redecorated and Refurnished Cathedral. Specific location subheader threads below. :)
Warnings: Watch out for falling hos. ho ho hos.
Status: [In Progress]

The cathedral has been transformed once more—the outside is bedecked with lights and garlands, shining and strung up along the sides of the pathway along the lampposts. Twinkling green and red, powered by some unseen force. Snow heaped on the ceiling and covering the lawns glimmers faintly in the light and it seems to give off a surprisingly welcoming atmosphere. Past the (slightly ajar to let music spill out) oaken double-doors and into the building, it has been transformed into something far more resplendent.

There is golden light cast over the polished wooden floors from the multiple chandeliers suspended high above from the ceiling. It reflects warmly everywhere, lighting up the velvet-padded chairs and tables neatly set up to one end of the hall, a long table holding a variety of refreshments nearby. It has more than just finger-sandwiches or snacks—there are a few whole turkeys that seem to somehow keep hot and steaming, boats of gravy, vegetables and further along the table, desserts! From pies to cakes to baskets of candy canes and similar goodies. There are large crystal bowls of punch or, if you’re craving for something else, there is eggnog and cider, hot chocolate or tea, pitchers of ice water and everything in between.

Wreaths are hung on the walls, long tendrils of ivy (and maybe even a sprig of mistletoe hanging here and there above doorways) strung up to connect each of them. These have been intricately laced through with scarlet and gold ribbons and it’s clear that whoever did this was intent on doing their very best.

Soft music fills the entirety of the hall from a source unknown, but it is almost inviting, beckoning people to dance.

If you follow the walls further in, walking along either side of the dance floor, there are neat wooden doors there. Wreaths are hung up on the outside; encircling a golden plaque that says ‘Please enter’. Inside one may not find any extension of the hall but…well. Something quite different, but familiar all the same…

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Austria found himself drawn towards the soft music; the lighting in the cathedral's main hall reminded him of the the grand balls of old. Despite the struggles of his marriage to Hungary, it was the dancing and the elegance of the waltz that he recalled most dearly.

Though he was the only one near the dance floor as it was, he lingered along the outside, eyes closed and content to simply let the music wash over him. Though, he would not be opposed to a dance should the right partner come along.


[What a shock! Naoki is to be found at the tables and is currently appraising his food choices. He kind of matches the décor, what with his markings that faintly glow green.

But hm hm hm, what is he going to have here. Too much, it's so hard to decide! For now he nabs a candy cane and stands nibbling on the end of it while letting his eyes drift about the inside of the cathedral.

Oh but his eyes have caught on those side-doors with the wreaths on them. Make no mistake, he'll be checking them out. But right now food is rather taking priority...as soon as he can decide on what to have.]



Flynn had seen the cathedral; in the days since his arrival, he'd made it a point to try and explore a little of his new 'home' each day. Sure, he'd promised Rapunzel he'd go straight, and he really did intend to! But in a place like this...it was a lot of scavenging, and his thieving skills just happened to come in handy. Also, it was good to know the terrain in case he had to make a quick getaway.

But, it was a holiday now, and he found himself lingering outside the cathedral. Breaking into palace treasuries; sure, run of the mill. Breaking open merchant coffers and lifting previously pilfered goods from another rogue? Piece of cake!

Walking into a holy place was another thing entirely, and he was a bit...uncomfortable at first with the idea.

So terribly late here |D;

Sora had already explored most of the cathedral. It was still terribly cold outside but he wanted a bit of fresh air. He looked up into the night sky wondering just how it was he'd come to be here. At least his friends, the majority of them at least, were here, so it made the new surroundings that much more exciting.

It still didn't change the fact that he had no idea how he'd gotten here and that was something he wasn't completely used to. Oh well, best to make the most of things.

That's when it happened. In a quiet voice, and not even noticing that he was doing it, Sora started singing.

♪♫"Oh, come all ye faithful,
Joyous and triumphant.
Oh come ye, oh come ye, to Bethlehem..."♪♫



Break in the 'problem with trust' muse here? Sure.

[[Matt's been more than searching around, anything to do other than sit at home, not that home's not feeling a little MORE like home with Mello around. At least there's that, and by least- Having your best friend there with you on days you were certain they weren't gonna be? Yeah. Perfect actually- almost perfect.

A few were missing, but then again, he's pleased. He's still got his same ol' same ol' paranoia, but at the same time, isn't a party the best place to feel out for who you should or shouldn't be involving yourself with? People usually loosen up, slip up and otherwise aren't aware of themselves at parties and that seemed more than a realistic measure for him.

So, he has, rather is, traipsing around, leaning under a doorway to stare and watch the passers by. He looks rather comfortable even for a guy who's not half way out the neck of his jacket, still covering part of his face.]

Even on these rather cold days, where it was rather hard for her to get herself out of the warmth of her bed so fluffy, too! she just had to come to this party. It was something familiar, and she always enjoyed it, giving gifts and even the excitement of getting them and even if she could easily picture herself only sometime ago she would most likely be hiding behind her brother with this many people around. She never noticed it, but she grew out of that shyness of hers and dependency, of course, she would deny the fact that she was slowly getting used to not always being around her brother, even then, she would usually have to stay away since he was usually busy. But things were different now, aren't they?

And of course, at being at such peace, her mind had to wonder while she walked for sometime, rather aimlessly while listening to the rather soothing music. Austria being here in the city now, she knew he would be somewhere around here as well.

After sometime, she decided to lean against a door-frame, humming along to the music.

"So nice..."

[Just his luck that he would end up here. First, John had talked about having one of these heart warming, cliche christmas bombs. But, now here he was at one. Something he didn't want to be doing. No, he would have been fine sitting in his hive, enjoying some hot cocoa, curled up next to his matesprit with a crab plush by his side, but beggars can't be chooser. Besides the warm aura from the cathedral seemed to draw him in. After all shouldn't a leader investigate as a leader should. He had to make sure everything was in order.

At the moment he had settled into a corner. Sipping the party's brand of hot cocoa, with whipcream upon the top of it. Heck, even a small white mustache had formed above his lip. Not that he cared or wished to lick it off, that would be silly. He was much too focused on drinking his treat to bother with appearances of the lip. He also hadn't noticed the poisonous plant, which humans tend to associate with Christmas snogs, above the arch in which he stood under.]

[Janice has been wandering through the crowd, saying hello to her friends and enjoying a chance to dress up and have a little fun. There most likely be a crisis sometime during the night, but for now, she's going to enjoy herself.

She pauses, taking a break to see if there were any new arrivals to the party that she should greet, not realizing that she had stepped beneath the mistletoe.]



[He'd been in a terrible mood lately - then again, when isn't he? - as the cold set in and he realized the time of year. Ventus' favorite, and his least.

With the Christmas holidays came an even more openly aggressive and spiteful figure in all black, more than likely trying to hide his face with the hood up on his thick coat - something someone had suggested before he went out, even after he mentioned he could just get from place to place utilizing the darkness. He felt like destroying something, and this was the best place to really leave a dent on the Christmas shenanigans, or so it seems.

It's probably unnoticed at first as he slips into the shadows, but even after a while the black figure standing at an open doorway of a side room has to be noticable. What's there on the other side of the door, you ask?

...Nothing. Nothing at all but the dry wasteland and a far-off laugh of joy and a wave of happiness carried by the winds picked up. There a younger form of himself sat alone, beaten and bruised - no doubt recovering on his one 'day off' as the Master wasn't around and no Unversed were showing their repulsive faces - and being drowned in the wave of emotions the breeze carried. Suddenly a Prize Pod appears both beside his head and the memory's, but unlike the one at the door--

The memory slices the memory of the emotion in half unflinchingly, quivering in hatred. Some things never change...]

(Deleted comment)
[It's not often that John goes searching through places. However, the Cathedral is one he's not had the pleasure of exploring yet. It's set up for Christmas and that just made him long for Samantha that much more. Just the idea of her alone caused his heart to ache and made him long to find her or be home with her once more.

The music was a bit soothing but he tried to ignore it. Something that was hard to do when it seemed to follow him down the hall he'd decided to venture into. Noting the plaque on the door he reaches up and runs his fingers along it. Please enter... what kind of place was this? Walls that would or could electrocute you and much more. Strange people from what he'd seen and weird things that happened here and there. It made absolutely no sense.

His curiosity gets the better of him and he pushes the door open pausing as he does. For a moment he stands frozen hearing his parents call for him and Samantha to come downstairs. Downstairs to a Christmas tree that was covered in lights and presents sat under. A time when Olduvai hadn't been thought of. The dig site forgotten for something more memorable and pleasurable.]

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