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Time for a Party
broswagonist wrote in rubycity_logs
Who: Souji & Open to Everyone.
What: Hosting a Christmas Party.
When: 22nd. Evening.
Where: His house.
Warnings: N/A for now.
Status: In Progress.

Souji pushed his bangs out of his eyes, doing a last check if he had everything he needed and that everything was in route. Seemed like things were ok and he was ready for guests to arrive, at least the ones who dared to go out. At the very least the stretch toward his house was clear of snow. A few handy fire spells had taken care of that.

[OOC: Up and running now. Everyone is free to create their own sub-threads too if they want to go poking around the house and such, though pretty much the entire place will be in immaculate condition. Snooping around is always fun though!]

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"Help? Oh, I don't know. For both being neutral, I find it difficult to get past the events of our childhood. It has been nearly a thousand years and we've not been able resolve any of this tense animosity."

Austria had tried, in the past, to heal their friendship through kind acts and friendly gestures, but after a while, he began to wonder if perhaps it was all simply a lost cause.

"Ah, well... It could be easier now, maybe? Bruder changed a lot," she gave herself a nod. There is hope, right? It would be nice if she could help both of them like this, seeing them together could make her feel better.

"Right?" she asked, clasping her hands together. Now to think about how she's going to do this.

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