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Time for a Party
broswagonist wrote in rubycity_logs
Who: Souji & Open to Everyone.
What: Hosting a Christmas Party.
When: 22nd. Evening.
Where: His house.
Warnings: N/A for now.
Status: In Progress.

Souji pushed his bangs out of his eyes, doing a last check if he had everything he needed and that everything was in route. Seemed like things were ok and he was ready for guests to arrive, at least the ones who dared to go out. At the very least the stretch toward his house was clear of snow. A few handy fire spells had taken care of that.

[OOC: Up and running now. Everyone is free to create their own sub-threads too if they want to go poking around the house and such, though pretty much the entire place will be in immaculate condition. Snooping around is always fun though!]

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Souji was glad to see someone had decided to brave the cold weather and come to the party. One guest he had expected, and one he hadn't. "Ah, good evening," He said, with a polite bow of the head to the two after he'd let them take time to exchange a few words with each other, not wanting to disturb them, "and welcome."

He offered a small smile then, "Let me take your coats for you."

He wasn't completely sure on how to be a good host, but he figured if he kept his tone light and polite, then at least people would be able to have a good time, even if he felt as though he had a certain mask to keep in place.

"You two are the first ones here actually. It wasn't too difficult to get here was it?"

The last stretch to walk should have been simple enough at least, considering how he'd used fire spells to melt the snow right down to where the street leading into the house was dry.

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