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Time for a Party
broswagonist wrote in rubycity_logs
Who: Souji & Open to Everyone.
What: Hosting a Christmas Party.
When: 22nd. Evening.
Where: His house.
Warnings: N/A for now.
Status: In Progress.

Souji pushed his bangs out of his eyes, doing a last check if he had everything he needed and that everything was in route. Seemed like things were ok and he was ready for guests to arrive, at least the ones who dared to go out. At the very least the stretch toward his house was clear of snow. A few handy fire spells had taken care of that.

[OOC: Up and running now. Everyone is free to create their own sub-threads too if they want to go poking around the house and such, though pretty much the entire place will be in immaculate condition. Snooping around is always fun though!]

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She decided to show up after all, after seeing his little message on the communicator. She could use some kind of break, right? Sewing and shooting thing all the time really can tire you out. She was mostly covered up in a long coat, mostly pink and red for the most part. She gave him a small smile, walking up to him happily.


Austria had heard through the grapevine of this Christmas Party, and as tradition was something he felt strongly about, he knew that he should at least make the attempt at observing one of the most important holidays on his religious calender.

Stepping in from the chilly outdoors, he slipped out of his coat and draped it elegantly over one arm. He straightened his suit and cravat and nodded graciously at his guest.

"Froliche Weinhnachten," Austria murmured with a placid smile, then paused as he recognized the other guest in the foyer. "...Lili?"

"Frohe Weihnachten," she muttered, unbuttoning two of her buttons since honestly it was warmer in here. She was -rather gleefully- clapping her hands in front of her, just the motion though, no sound came out. "I see you've come, ne?" With one last nod and a smile she bowed her head, with a small curtsy.

"Nice seeing you here".

Souji was glad to see someone had decided to brave the cold weather and come to the party. One guest he had expected, and one he hadn't. "Ah, good evening," He said, with a polite bow of the head to the two after he'd let them take time to exchange a few words with each other, not wanting to disturb them, "and welcome."

He offered a small smile then, "Let me take your coats for you."

He wasn't completely sure on how to be a good host, but he figured if he kept his tone light and polite, then at least people would be able to have a good time, even if he felt as though he had a certain mask to keep in place.

"You two are the first ones here actually. It wasn't too difficult to get here was it?"

The last stretch to walk should have been simple enough at least, considering how he'd used fire spells to melt the snow right down to where the street leading into the house was dry.

"It was Christmas, and it should hardly be spent alone," Austria murmured as he stepped inside. He nodded his head in cordial greeting to both his host and Liechtenstein, and looked around.

"Despite being stranded here, we must find something happy to keep us sane. And what better than the joy of the holidays?" Part of Austria's tone was dry, but he ended with a faint smile.

"Only slightly, with the right clothes snow wouldn't be any bother... And this is a really nice place, it feels so welcoming!" she nodded to herself, then slipped her coat off and handed it to him, with a small sigh. So nice. Just a bit cold, but wearing in-doors was odd, wasn't it?

"Hm, they should be enjoyed! ... Brother isn't here, is he?" she asked, giggling, she was sure that he didn't used to like this kinds of things. With all the people that could be coming and all.

She noticed the smile, and couldn't help but smile back with lots of enthusiasm. "It's nice when we can have something like this in peace, so we should cherish it..." a pause, as she shifted her gaze to Souji. "It's very nice of you to do this, thank you!" now, she should probably surprise him with the cake she baked up late, right?

"I have not seen Vash since my arrival. The only time we have spoken has been that first day we met in the snow." Austria looked mildly concerned for a moment at the possibility that even Liechtenstein had not seen Switzerland in a few days.

"As for peace...I get the feeling that peace in this place is a fleeting, rare thing. We should cherish it, but I fear that soon even those of us who are sworn to neutrality will have to take up arms."

Austria also nodded his thanks to their host, but did not yet hand him his coat. He had not had people wait on him in years, and preferred to care for himself if at all possible. So he elegantly hung up his own jacket and clasped his hands behind his back.

"Let us leave the foyer; it's a bit chilly in here and it would not do to block the entrance." He gestured towards the inner house with a smile, and waited for her to go first.

"You two saw each other in the snow?" she asked, thinking that his concern had to do with that, naturally. "I was hoping I would see him here," she admitted, shifting uncomfortably. But it wore off soon enough, when a small smile showed on her face.

"That is true, I'm afraid," she muttered under her breath, blowing into her hand to warm herself up. This place made her do things she never would have thought she would, or had to in that case. Training under Prussia was one thing that confused her greatly, Prussia being here is odd on it's on.

She did her best not to stare up at Austria, it felt perfect having both Austria and Switzerland here, it made it feel much more like home. She gladly followed, with a small jump with her step.

She gave back the smile, but hers was had a much gentler feeling to it.

"Indeed we did. But other than that, we have hardly spoken." Austria looked aside slightly; despite the animosity between he and Switzerland, he would have very much preferred to cleanse the bad blood between them. He missed his old friend from time to time. "I should like to try and mend our severed friendship; I have known him since we were children, but those days are far behind us now."

With a sigh, he elegantly put his hands behind his back and stepped into the main part of the house, though he did not leave Lili's side.

"I see," she thought so, nodding a bit. She listened carefully, tilting her head slightly in thought. She never got the chance to hear much about Austria from her brother, so this was new for her although she knew about them, but not much. On a whim, she got an idea, smiling brightly. "Maybe some help would be good?"

Which she appreciated, being somewhere new was sometimes uncomfortable but having someone close made it much better.

"Help? Oh, I don't know. For both being neutral, I find it difficult to get past the events of our childhood. It has been nearly a thousand years and we've not been able resolve any of this tense animosity."

Austria had tried, in the past, to heal their friendship through kind acts and friendly gestures, but after a while, he began to wonder if perhaps it was all simply a lost cause.

"Ah, well... It could be easier now, maybe? Bruder changed a lot," she gave herself a nod. There is hope, right? It would be nice if she could help both of them like this, seeing them together could make her feel better.

"Right?" she asked, clasping her hands together. Now to think about how she's going to do this.

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