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;& Blood River
rubycitymods wrote in rubycity_logs
Who: Everyone! (Don't forget to tag your characters in as they respond)
What: A Halloween party, oh-so-generously (?) provided by the mysterious benefactors/captors.
When: October 31st, early evening -- late night.
Where: The Blutige Rosen cathedral.
Warnings: To be added.
Status: In Progress

(ooc: Feel free to tag in under the respective areas below! Either prose or action format is A-OK.)

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Lili was silently walking around, making her best to not bump into other people with her wings since they hurt. Once she spotted Italy, she waved, smiling brightly. Poor, poor Lili.

He waved back, smiling just as brightly.

"Lili! You look so pretty!" he trilled.

She giggled, blushing slightly. "Thank you, Feli!" she blurted, skipping over feeling rather giddy at seeing him here.

Feliciano twirled around in his tiger suit, complete with paw mitts, ears and face paint.

"Do you like it?" He growled playfully.

A pause, as she looked up and down almost in awe. She couldn't help but stare a bit, it was so cute! "I do! It's very nice on you," again, giggling cheerfully.

He giggled, face flushing red from pleasure under the face paint. "So do you! Your wings look so real! You are such a cute fairy!"

"Hm! And it even hurts a bit when someone bumps into me!" Another blush, and a sigh trying to calm herself down. Lili took a step back and paused, then nodded and gave him a curtsey.

He frowned slightly. He didn't like the idea of Lili being hurt by this strange occurence.

When she curtsied just like the humans did in the old days, however, he couldn't help giving a delighted laugh and forget all about it. He bowed gallantly, for once even managing to pull it off without giggling - well, almost, it was a very, very soft giggle, it didn't count at all, really. "Let's dance like it's the 19th century, milady!"

She raised her head, then nodded with another giggle. "I would love that," she said, trying to sound as lady-like as she can and actually being able to, she couldn't help but feel proud of herself. She reached out her hand, softly pushing back her hair with her other hand.

"Shall we?"

"We shall!" he declared grandly.

Feliciano pulled her into his arms, guiding her into a formal dance even though their hosts weren't playing the right music for it. They could pretend. He wasn't the best at these dances, he was far too clumsy for things that required grace and coordination, but he wasn't awful either. Truly, it surprised him how easily the steps came to him again.

She giggled, pulling him just a bit closer while taking every step as carefully as she could. Wouldn't want to bump into someone again! She hasn't done this in a long time, but she tried to do her best.

"You're really good, Feli," if it was anyone else she would have been extremely shy about this but with him there was this odd sense of comfort.

He laughed. "Ve~ not really, Mister Austria used to be exasperated with my clumsiness! It must be the pretty girl I'm dancing with, she is inspiring me to do my best!" He giggled and winked at her. He was teasing her, but it wasn't completely teasing. He felt comfortable with her, too, and that made the dancing easier. He didn't think about where to put his feet anymore, thus overthinking it and getting his feet all tangled up, when he was too busy having fun with Lili.

He hummed to himself, a tune for their dancing.

"He taught me as well, although it was mostly Hun-" she cut herself off, staring for just a moment before smiling brightly, with just a bit of a blush on her cheeks. "I wouldn't say so, but thank you," she practically beamed, voice just above a whisper.

She listened, oddly enough, it was just enough to dance to.

"You're so cute, Lili!" Feliciano trilled.

"This is fun. We should dance more often together."

"T-thank you," she didn't know how to react to all of this flattery, now, if only she could manage to throw something back at him this wouldn't be as odd.

"Maybe, next time we could dance while the past cooks," since that is the best thing ever, of course.

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