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;& Blood River
rubycitymods wrote in rubycity_logs
Who: Everyone! (Don't forget to tag your characters in as they respond)
What: A Halloween party, oh-so-generously (?) provided by the mysterious benefactors/captors.
When: October 31st, early evening -- late night.
Where: The Blutige Rosen cathedral.
Warnings: To be added.
Status: In Progress

(ooc: Feel free to tag in under the respective areas below! Either prose or action format is A-OK.)

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Gil, humorless as ever, had passed up the usual costumes of werewolves and vampires—where did the idea of that rivalry come from, anyway? he'd asked his father once, and apparently in reality vampires and lycanthropes couldn't care less about each other—settling on something not supernatural at all in the end. A cowgirl. It wasn't something he would have normally worn, as it was something that wasn't designed to minimize his shoulders and maximize his hips, but he had his waist cincher and fake cleavage in place, so he supposed it would be fine.

He hadn't gone to socialize, anyway. He was here to gather whatever information he could about this place and the people in it, whether through conversation or through eavesdropping. First, though, he stopped by the refreshment table, loading a plate up with whatever looked appetizing—strawberries and chicken wings and what appeared to be little miniature cherry pies. He moved to fill a cup with some punch, too—the alcoholic kind, of course. As young as he looked, he was already 23, thank you very much.

She was calmly walking around, feeling just a tad bit to shy to really do much other then quietly sip her juice -welp, she didn't know something was in it- although that familiar face does catch her attention. She lightly waved, taking a sit next to him.

"Hello there, I think I know you?" she asked, smiling sweetly.

hello lili i hope you're ready to deal with horribly stereotypical cowgirl speak!!

He glanced up at the sound of the voice, a bit surprised to find himself addressed. The voice itself wasn't familiar, but he recognized the face it was attached to immediately. That girl... Well, he supposed she wasn't so bad, even if she could stand to worry less about the safety of a grown man. He smiled in return.

"Well hey there!" he chirped, his voice taking on a rather uncharacteristic Southern accent. "You're the pretty little thing that told me about this party, ain'tcha?"

...Wait, why was he talking like that?

Ohoho! xD' I bet she'll be rather amused

He shouldn't worry to much, she worries about everyone, Elliot would know. She rushed over to him, giving him a little bow and a bright smile. Well, he looked certainly adorable, well, she to her right now.

"Y-yes!" She blurted, blushing a bit. She was just a bit taken aback by that, but she thought it was part of the act. "Are you having fun?"

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