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Serious Business is Serious - And Trolly~
breaking_candy wrote in rubycity_logs
Who: Xerxes Break, Gilbert Nightray, Elliot Nightray, Alice (B. Rabbit), Naoki Kashima, and Liechtenstein
What: First meeting dealing with the B&E
When: Oct. 16
Where: Gilbert's nice, clean house
Warnings: PG - may have some cussing.
Status: In Progress

Congratulations, you individuals are special! Take that as you will.

Break has now finished telling you the basics of his business, and it falls like this:

-> As special members of his business, he's trusting you be his eyes, so to speak. When he sends you on missions for this business, he expects you to come back with information. "He has green eyes," will not be enough to appease your boss. If you have any questions on this matter, direct them to Gilbert-kun~!

-> Outside of missions, you're allowed to do what you like. Just be aware that Break may send you on a call whenever he likes. Anyone that's worked with Break will know that literally means 'whenever he likes'. Again, any questions on this matter should be directed towards Gilbert-kun~!

-> Any events that involve weird things should be discussed before barging into mysterious places. You are not to go into any mysterious buildings alone. (Break learned this from experience.) Should you go against this rule, Break is not responsible for any injures you obtain. And if you die, well, then you're stupid. And Break might laugh at you.

-> Do not tell anyone else about the truth behind the B&E. Yes, Lili, that also includes Vash. Break has never actually met the man before and you never know what <em>sewer rat</em> might try and ruin things. All special employees must be okay-ed by Break first.

After all of that talk, you're now free to mingle. Talk with each other, or ask Break more questions. Any big questions will be outlined in the above after asked. .D

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Are there anymore questions~?

"Why the hell do I--" Well, Gilbert caught himself halfway through asking the question, held his hands up and shook his head.

"How do you expect we'll communicate this? Communicators are tricky even with the function switched to private. I think they listen." They, of course, being their captors.

"If it's really something that important, we'll have a quick meeting before you go~. I never said I would call." Nope, he'll just climb through cabinets and windows to get to you. It's much easier that way.

Gilbert sighed, lifting a hand to his temple. Of course. That was right. Break was not normal in how he did anything, especially communicating. "And as for the rest of us?"

He sat back and frowned just slightly. "It's a big undertaking. But I think it's a good idea."

"That's for you to decide. Just don't go spilling out the information for everyone to hear." Another words, figure it out yourself. Stop whining, Gilbert. He knows you're smarter than that.

"I thought you would think so~!"

Naoki's halfway amused Gilbert is in charge of fielding Q&A, but doesn't say so. Instead, he looks curiously between the two of them as they talk...before something occurs to him. So does this mean Break is his boss now? He squinted his eyes, hand lifting to his chin.

Don't mind him over here. He's thinking. Hmm. And barging into weird places without forethought is his speciality, really...g-guess it's time to change his ways.

Lili mostly nodded the whole time, trying to be as polite as possible. Not even telling her brother? That's a bit... hard, but she's up to it! She didn't know half of the people here, but they were people Break trusted so that's good. She did, although raise a hand just to catch their attention.

"...Homing pigeons?" Said very softly, almost as if she was talking to herself. No, that way the birds could get caught. She hasn't seen them in a long time, with technology the way it is now. Lili paused for a moment, tapping her communicator, holding it to a side, even shaking it a bit. She's usually pretty good with technology, it's just that the fact that it never breaks or disappears is what confuses her. Maybe she could do something with it, but then again-

"How about making our own communicator?"

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Break looks at her with a puzzled look on her face with the pigeon idea, but when the new communicators comment hits, his face goes to a smile. "That's a wonderful idea! Though I'm not entirely sure if we could make one."

"You could leave that to me, I'll try it," she said, with a rather confident look in her eyes. Something that she can do to be useful in anyway, made her feel rather excited and happy. Much like a kid, in her own way.

"But it could take me sometime, sadly enough," or they could always use beepers.

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"Ah, are you good with technology~?" Break has his full faith in Lili, but he hadn't known she would be good with such a thing.

"Hm! Leave to me!" A pause, as she taps her lip, thoughtfully then continued "I don't know if I have everything I need, though, but I'll look around".

"Should I make them password protected, too? Just in case".


"Maybe we should make a special code or something." Alice noted with a hint of sarcasm in her undertone. While she had to admit (grudgingly) that Break was onto something, she was still not looking forward to possibly being called on for a mission.

All the more so if it meant he had free reign to creep around the house and her whenever he wanted. It was already bad enough that he tended to pop up in places at home; she did not want to see him pop out of a trash can or some random object she was near. "We can also work together on missions if we need to, right?"

"Ah! We can! We'll call you stupid-rabbit, like Gilbert-kun always done~. And it's accurate!" What, trolling? Never! "Of course you can! I wouldn't want any one to suddenly vanish. See, this is why your code-name would match!"

"Like hell you will!" Alice's eye twitched involuntarily -- she gripped her coat tightly in order to try and restrain herself from throttling the half-blind contractor. "You're the last person I want to hear that from!"

She sighed, muttering a curse under her breath. "In any case. We're pretty much just a glorified snooping service, is that it?"


"Do you have to be so damned loud?" Elliot sat not too far away from Alice, clutching the side of his head. Scowl on his face particularly prominent.

He was still feeling weak after being sick, okay? So any loud noises easily set him off, giving him a major migraine. Needless to say; Alice yelling at Break was guaranteed to get a rise out of the teenager.

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