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And then there was training!
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brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_logs
Who: Liechtenstein and Prussia~!
What: Prussia traing Liechten!
When: Right after this post!
Where: The park.
Warnings: PG-13?
Status: In Progress.

After shutting the feed with a new sense of pride, she picked up her jacket which was dangling off her chair with a deep breath and lightly threw it over her shoulder. It was warm enough for now, as long as it doesn't snow then she'll be fine. Lili gave her makeshift shop one last look, once she was content with that she clicked on the strap to hold her gun on her leg. Shooting practise could happen, couldn't it? "All set," she nodded, hoping not to get to distracted while training under Prussia.

She took a few steps outside before shivering, tightening the scarf on her neck. With that, she made her way to the park, cheerfully humming a light tune.


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The white-haired man has been waiting for her at the park already. And she was good with guessing that there might be shooting practice. And she shall be happy, Gilbert is wearing all the things she made for him. They were great and kept him warm, just awesome.

But first, training. That was important right now. "You ready?"

She hurried over, giving the snow no mind as she stomped all over it. She is good with winter sports after all, so this won't bother her at all. At finally being close enough, she gave him a smile, trying to hide the fact she was slightly out of breath already.

"H-hm! Of course I am! And... you're wearing it!"

Good girl. Then he can strike this from his 'Things Swissy might kill him for'-list. But maybe he should keep worrying a bit about her, just in case. It would be bad if she got hurt.

"Of course I am! Why should I not wear it?"

Oh, that could be a long list, but as Switzerland is now pretty occupied with romantic things that Prussia hopefully will never know since we know he'll make fun of him~ life, he could get away with things. But she did brush off some of the snow, sighing.

"Hmhm, I simply haven't expected it!"

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It's a very long list in fact but he won't worry about it too much for now. Too bad, France told him everything that has happened. Even that Vash got a girlfriend. She looks like she got sugar coated.

"Huh. Well, I guess it was a positive surprise!"

Makes things much easier, as she wouldn't want him to worry to much. Whoops. Sugar coated and extra sweet, which is also going for her gun, shivering since she had to pull up her skirt to get to where she had it strapped. Just above her boots, but cold nonetheless.

"Well, in that case I hope you stay warm!"

It's for the better. Who knows what he would have done if he didn't knew? Since Lili seems to be all cute and ready the former Nation will reveal the practice he had build for shooting. Aside from that there was sword training, actually everything that's necessary for a proper training to learn how to defend yourself. But something like special techniques should be practiced in a gym. gilbert had planned that for later lessons though, so there is nothing to worry about.

"I hope the same for you. So! Let's not waste any more time!"

That is true, yes. "I'm sure I will be!" she gave nodded, straightening her back with some sort of sense of determination. She hoped that the snow wouldn't stop any of her lessons, for once she truely looked forward to these lessons.

"What's first?"

The snow is actually good. This way Lili has to deal with complications, so this makes a good practice too. As long as she is determined and ready to go for it it shall be no problem at all. That's his opinion. So no complains about bad weather later, he had to fight with worse conditions and snow was the least of his worries when he was a kid.

"Shooting. I'm sure Swissy has shown you how to hold a gun, didn't he?"

Well, Prussia must have been a very different kid then she was. That's for sure.

"Hm, I even taught myself somethings, there are many books but some of them were very... scary," she admitted, adjusting her gun with a little pout. Hopefully he wouldn't think less of her, right?

He was born as a Nation to fight after all. No real breaks for him.

Sure, they aren't suited well for girls, most of them at least. "Hmm, okay, just show me what you got then." He pointed at the distance. "I marked some targets. Shot them and then we will see."

To many nations were born for that purpose, but at least here there aren't any fight, hm?

"A-ahh..." she looked in that direction, wiping her eyes a bit. To early for all of this! But she took a deep breath, raising her gun then pulled the trigger, shutting her eyes at the sound. There, and it seems she pretty much hit one of them perfectly?

No fights at all. Quite boring if you ask him, but as long as he gets entertained.

"Do your best." No living targets, don't worry, but she has to shoot them down, one after another. "Don't close your eyes, you have to aim. But good so far."

Hey, there is always the random things she gets herself into, zombies, dinos... everything. Which she, in fact, does not enjoy.

"I'll try!" last time she shot this way would be when she saved Elena in the ghost mansion, that someone made her think of Break. Lili sighed, shoulders slumping for only a moment before she straightened her back to continue shooting.

That's here. At home there are different things. And they only happen on the holidays.

"Okay, you're doing well so far." She knows how to shoot, that's good, very good but not awesome yet. But it's nothing they can't work on, especially if his awesomeness is training her.

"Really? I'm glad!" awesome was well, awesome, but she just wanted enough to protect herself and others, since awesome would take a lot of time, wouldn't it? "How much more, hmm?"

"I'm glad you are, but try to shot with eyes open. And earplugs aren't bad either." Getting deaf wasn't the point of shooting practice after all. Before he answered her he checked how well she hit the targets.

"Ear plugs would be good!" She said, rather loudly. Hey, she can't hear herself well enough so she needs to shout, right? The first few weren't the best, but her aim was certinally getting better.

"Next time then! I don't have any with me right now!" You shall be forgiven Liechtenstein. And there is room for improvement, it's visible. "Hmm, the first few shots are a bit messy. But it got better."

"Oh, then I'll be fine like this!" Good enough, right? She stopped for a only a moment, looking over her own work with a slightly disgruntled pout. Not as good as she thought it would be, with that she went back to shooting. "Really?"

"Good then!" So far it is. And critique is good as long as you learn from it and don't let yourself get pulled down by it. "Really! But we got all the time in the world to make it much better, awesome even!" If she thought that this would be the only time they are training then she is wrong.

"Awesome? I hope I get there!" She hoped it wasn't it's oddly fun training with Prussia, after all. She thought it wouldn't be so pleasant, but so far it's just shooting practise and this is fun.

That's shooting practice. Everything that comes after this won't be as nice as this, he could promise her that. "Maybe!"

Well, she was determined enough to go through just about anything right now, although she doesn't exactly realize that just yet. "What do we do after this?"

"What about hide and seek?" then hopefully she can deal with the Prussian version of hide and seek.

"I love hide and seek!" Hopefully, she lowered her arm, grinning slightly.

"Do you?" Now he'd feel bad. How excited she looked!

"Hm! I loved playing it, but I haven't in a long time," she admitted, sighing a bit. Oh, well?

"Well, let's see if you like the training version of hide and seek!" Hopefully she can deal with that version. Otherwise he's in big trouble.

"Ohh, do I have to be extra quiet?" Big trouble. Very. Big. Trouble.

"That and you have to listen close." Well, not enough trouble to get shot by Switzerland.

"Listen close? I'll try," of course, a small game wouldn't hurt anyone of course.

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