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;& Blood River
rubycitymods wrote in rubycity_logs
Who: Everyone! (Don't forget to tag your characters in as they respond)
What: A Halloween party, oh-so-generously (?) provided by the mysterious benefactors/captors.
When: October 31st, early evening -- late night.
Where: The Blutige Rosen cathedral.
Warnings: To be added.
Status: In Progress

(ooc: Feel free to tag in under the respective areas below! Either prose or action format is A-OK.)

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As much as she couldn't help but feel slightly frightened by the amount of people around her that she didn't know, and the fact that Ruby City has been so very kind to her she might have slowly gotten into the mood of all of this. Dressed up like this she couldn't help but skip around, humming lightly.

Kanetsugu wandered around. For some reason a really weird costume had just attached itself to him. Instead of his helmet he wore now a black hat and a black coat was tied around his neck.

It was also then when he was sure that he had spotted the girl he had been talking to earlier. so he decided to approach her.

"Lili, I presume?"

She nodded, lightly waving. "Kane... tsugu?" The name came out rather forced, since she wasn't exactly used to such names. But she smiled, and stopped skipping around aimlessly.

"My voice came back after sometime, isn't that great?"

"Yes, exactly", he smiles at her and gives her a small bow.

"That is really great, I'm happy for you. Have you been enjoying yourself so far?"

She blinked at the bow, then awkwardly gave him one back. "I am, thank you!" she said, rather cheerfully. Seeing him in that kind of clothes was rather surprising but everyone was dressed up so she didn't mind it to much.

"How about you?"

"I'm doing fine. I'm a bit confused though, I admit", he gives her a sheepish look. There were many things he had learned about in just one week which he wanted to study deeper and then there were the other issues. Like the one Lili had brought up in their conversation over the communicator. At the moment he had another question, though.

"What is this.. Halloween?"

"Feel free to ask me about anything, I know a few things about this place but I'm sure my brother would know more... Or so, I've been told, but I'm sure he must know everything," she'll give him a rather forced smile back, clasping her hands together tightly.

"Yes, we're all dressed up!" She answered, with a look that might say that she isn't exactly used to so many people around her.

"Thank you very much. That is very kind of you", Kanetsugu nods, giving her a soft smile. "Your brother sure seems to be an amazing and very talented person, the way you are talking about him", it kind of reminded him of himself when he had been revering Lord Kenshin so much. In fact he still did, but it was hard to talk of the heroism of one person who had already passed on to the next world. He did remember though that Lili's brother, while she was obviously loving her brother so much, was kind of a touchy subject.

"Yes, I usually don't wear black... but I must say your costume suits you", he said. Interestingly she seemed kind of astonished herself. Perhaps she wasn't used to this "Halloween" either.

She paused, thinking about this for longer then she should have. She couldn't help it, her brother really was something. After a little pause, she gave him a light nod, and then gave him another -now not as forced- smile, "Of course he is, someone very kind too," although it used to be only her that thought that while everyone else was used to him shooting people but he really did change.

"I would think so- Oh?" She giggled, rather surprised by that, "thank you, I think that looks very good on you, too".

"I really need to meet him and see him and his drawings", Kanetsugu grew really curious about that person. He seemed to be very different to the people he usually revered, but when somebody managed to earn that much praise - then he must be really something great.

"You think so? Thank you very much", he gave a small laugh. "Did you already dance tonight?"

"Well, I wouldn't want to make him come anywhere he wouldn't want to, and he should be resting now in any case... Although I couldn't find him back home awhile ago, but I'm sure he's doing fine," Lili sighed, shrugging slightly.

"Of course, I think... hm, it suits you," she smiled at that laugh, odd seeing him not so serious, she could tell from the little that she's seen that he's most likely the very serious kind of person. "Hmhm, not yet, there are so many people here..."

"Doesn't he do well with crowds? That would be just like my lord, he is not doing too well with those, either. He surely is", Kanetsugu nods a bit too enthusiastically, as if he is trying to reach a comedic effect.

"I see", he said, scratching the back of his head. "I admit that dancing is not one of my fortes, but if you like to dance I could try it."

"I'm really not sure about him now, but he's not really in a good condition, but it's stable now at least," and all was lost on Liechtenstein, who titled her to side.

A little smile made it's way back to her lips, and she gave him a little nod, while reaching out a hand. "I would love to!"

"Oh, I see, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope he will get better soon", it sounded to Kanetsugu like her brother was in a really critical condition. He just hoped her brother wasn't seriously wounded or sick.

"Then if I may...", he gives her a small smile, bowing before he takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor. "What kind of dances do they dance in your world?"

"He is, thank you!" she tried her best to be as calm as usual, with just a little sigh every now and then, it's something she learned to just calm herself down and it usually works.

She looked around herself, getting just a bit distracted for a moment before blinking and shifting her gaze from her hand to him. She took very light steps, holding onto his hand lightly. "Hmhm, many kinds. Tell me what you know and I'll see if I know it, if not... hm, I could learn?"

"I mostly know Japanese dances, like the fan dances or the dances of Miss Okuni. I do not know if these kind of dances are appropriate for this occassion", he looks around. Certainly, the music was something entirely different than the one he was used to, that much was for sure.

"Ah, then maybe you could show me? Or I could show you, I'm fine either way" she was sure it couldn't be as hard as learning anything from Austria, right? He at least looked a bit more patient. Sorry, Austria.

"I'm sure it will be... fun?"

"Of course. I could try to, at least", he said. It didn't really help he felt a bit unsure about on this subject - after all, he had been risen as a samurai and not a dancer or musician, but the whole purpose of this party was having fun, right?

"Just wait a moment here!", he ran back to the costume chamber and returned with two fans, handing one to Lili.

"Hm, and I'll do the same!" she wasn't sure what the dance was like, but it involved fans? Right? She wondered what exactly you would do with them, maybe swing them up and catch them?

"A-ah, alright!" She watched him run away, blinking in confusion and once he came back she was still as confused, but she took it anyway. She opened it and awkward waved it a bit, tilting her head.

"So, let's try it", this was really awkward. He went to take a place next to her. "First, you slightly bend both knees and place both hands in the front of your upper legs", Kanetsugu showed her the position. He had put the fan already unfolded in the right hand.

She nodded, not exactly getting it, but she'll do as he says. After a moment of staring at him, she bended both knees, took another look at him and reached out her hands.

"Like this? What about the fans?" She shook it, awkwardly.

Kanetsugu nods. That was somewhat what he had thought it should look like, at least.

"You are holding the unfolded fan in your right hand and let it rest on your upper leg. Then you start to tip with the toes of one feet two times on the floor, while raising one of your arms to about the height of your shoulders", Kanetsugu tried to perform it. He just hoped he had remembered this correctly. He would hate it if he taught her it entirely wrong.

It took her just a moment to piece together what to do exactly, but after a deep breath she bit her lip and did as told. Once she did that, she looked back at him, awkwardly shifting from shaking the fan.

"Do I wave my arm now?" Sorry, she is the best.

"Oh no, the arms should be rather stiff while being a bit relaxed", he tried to explain. He wondered if that made even sense to her. Just what did he get himself into? "You have to raise the arms by turns. After you made four tips you have to put down the one arm and raise the other."

"Stiff yet relaxed? Well..." She tried it again, actually managing to do passably well this time. She's either a fast learner, or she knows something like this. But she almost grinned after doing it right, looking at Kanetsugu with something like glee on her face.

"Like that?"

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